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August 13, 2013
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    You wake up still on the table, only your body isn't strapped down. Blood stained bandages have replaced your shirt, and band-aids litter your legs where Alice had stuck you with the pins. You notice it's brighter and realize the mystery girl must have turned the other lights on. Suddenly you notice the presence behind you and slowly sit up, turning your head. The girl sits in a chair, fast asleep. You look at her curiously. She looks about 15, she's wearing black boots, black jeans and a black jacket that hangs off her shoulders. She has a lime green tank top on, and a lime green choker. She stirs slightly and lifts her head groggily. Noticing you awake and smiles sleepily. "Morning, (your name). Sleep well?" You nod, and watch her as she stands and walks over. Upon her movement you notice her long, sharp nails, her elongated canines and the slits that replaced her pupils. The weirdest part about her was the large fluffy ears and tail that protruded from her head and back side.
"Who are you?" You ask quietly.
"My name is Cat, Cat Breank, but you can call me Kitten. I'm a Neko, by the way, if your wondering about the tail and ears." She giggled, then helped you stand. "Let me check your bandages then we can get going." She said softly, while unwrapping the bloodied cloth. She pulled the last bit off and cleaned the cuts in your sides, then rewrapped your torso with new bandages. She handed you a black tank top. "here, wear this over the bandages. Hurry though, we need to get back to Slendy's before Randy and his gang.
You felt the fear hit you like a brick, you flung the shirt on and whimpered in pain as your side stretched.
"Woah there, don't go to fast, we have time." She helped you pull the shirt the rest of the way on and helped you walk out the door and up a flight of stairs.
"Where are we?" You ask.
"Zalgo's castle. Were in the basement, the main door is two flights up."
You groan and she laughs faintly. "Ya, so how'd you get into this mess? Jeff only knew that you were missing, he didn't know where you went though, so i had to track you." She smiles, showing her long canines.
You explain to the Neko about your visit to the grave and what happened from there to last night when she busted through the door. She listened quietly and gave you all her attention, though you noticed her eyes darken each time you said Liu's name. "What happened to Liu after he left the castle?" You asked.
"He.. didn't get very far. Randy caught him and..." She shivered and you nodded. "I found him before he disappeared and he tld me what was going on. I sent my familiar, Rouge, out to slow down Randy and the gang, but she can only hold them for so long."
"Familiar?" You look at her confused.
"A familiar is a demon that normally takes form as an animal and helps give witches power, though i'm no witch Rouge can help me control my powers." You nod thoughtfully and walk on, following Kitten closely.
"Were almost there, and Rouge hasn't returned. I wonder how she's keeping them back.." The girl wonder aloud, her pace growing faster. "Come on (your name)." You trot after her and walk under a tree. You can see the mansion now, and smile, though it quickly fades when you see Randy fall into the clearing, a doberman leaps out after him, sinking her teeth in the boys arm.
"Get off me you little shit!" Randy screeches, and Kitten gives a low whistle. The dog jumps off and looks around, seeing Kitten she barks and races over, leaving Randy, Kieth and Troy.
"Well well, looks like the cat dragged in (your name). You following crazy felines now?" Randy chuckled and Kitten whispered to her dog, who raced off towards the house.
"Come on (your name)." Kitten speaks louder so you can hear. "Lets go." She walks towards the house and you follow.
"Not so fast, Kitten, we have buisiness to attend to with Jeffy."
"To bad, Rouge's already at the house, and if you forgot i taught Jeff how to speak telepathically with Rouge and Smile." She smirks, showing her teeth. "So why don't you run home to Zalgo?"
"Because we came here to kill this little fuck, so if we can't have him we'll take you and (your name)."
"(Your name)! Run, quick!" She pushed you and you bolted for the house, glancing back you saw the girl draw her sword and lunge at the nearest boy. You ran for the house and slammed into the door, throwing it opened.
"(your name)?" The Rake sits beside the couch, looking up at you questioningly as you enter.
"Where's Jeff? And Rouge?" You ask frantically.
"Rouge went upstairs, thats were Jeff is, why?"
"Zalgo sent Randy, Kieth and Troy after Jeff. Kitten's out there fighting them all by herself!"
The Rake's eyes widened. "SHe still tries to take on more than one person at a time? That girl's never gonna learn!" He jumps up and runs out the door, you watch him scurry towards the fight, then hear a thump behind you and turn.

    I sat up in my room, quietly thinking to myself. (Your name) ran away because i tried to kill her... What kind of boyfriend am i? The worst kind probably.
Suddenly i heard scratching at the door and stood up, thinking it was Smile i walked over and opened the door, only to have Rouge squeeze through the gap and pant up at me.
"Jeff, We found (Your name). She was at Zalgo's castle. She's here but so is Randy Kieth and Troy, they were sent to kill you by Zalgo."
"Really?" i asked out loud, and she nodded. I bolted out of my room and down the hall, the doberman at my heels. I leaped down the stairs, landing with a thud, and smiled seeing (Your name at the doorway. She was watching The Rake scramble out of the house."
"(your name...)" i muttered as i walked up to her.

    You shivered as he slid the back of his hand across your cheek. "I'm so sorry, i'm so-so-so sorry, i didn't try to hurt you i don't know what happened but i'll never let it happen again, i swear. I'm sorry, Just please i'm so sor-"
"Jeff!" You yelp and kiss him to shut him up. "You talk to much!" You mumble as you both pull away. "So now how are you gonna deal with those boys?" You ask curiously.
"The same way i did last time. One-by-one." He smirked and walked out, you followed him closely. "Games almost over it the last out."
It would be longer, but its 3:20 here and i'm so tired that i'm falling asleep while typing at my laptop...
SO the mystery girl is Kitten. My OC
Have fun.
Jeff (c) Creepypasta
You (c) Jeff
Kitten(c) Me
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