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August 4, 2013
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    You lean back on the couch, thinking about what Jeff has said. "Don't touch what belongs to me!" What was that supposed to mean? "I don't belong to him. Maybe thats just his way of keeping me safe, saying i belong to him. You think and shrug. "I'll go along with it."
Suddenly Jeff jumps up and grabs your arm, he starts dragging you up the stairs and you stumble after him.
"What?" You ask as you reach the top and he pushes you towards his room.
"Get in my bed and pretend to be asleep, BEN's back and I-" He stops as the form of another creepypasta takes shape before you. Jeff's grip on your arms tighten and he pulls you against him.
"Trying to his the new pet from me Jeffy?" The boy asks.
"Maybe." Jeff's grip grows even tighter as BEN walks towards you smirking.
"Aw, come on bro i promise i won't do anything to her!"
"I don't give a shit." Jeff growled. "Just lay off for awhile."
"Alright, alright calm down." He shrugs and disappears.
You turn to Jeff as his grip loosens. "What was that?" You ask.
"Nothing important, come on lets just go back to my room and chill." He walks into the bedroom and you follow, sitting down as he closes the door. He walks over and sits beside you.
You sit in silence for awhile, staring at the wall and thinking. "What's gonna happen when my parents come home and i'm gone, or when (best friends name) wakes up and sees me gone. She'll see the knife and know Jeff got me. She'll tell my parents when they return, everyone will think i'm dead. What if i really am gonna be dead, what if he's planning on killing me soon, maybe he's trying to get me to trust him, then he's gonna turn it against me." You shiver and Jeff notices, and looks at you quizzically.
"What's wrong?" He asks.
"Nothing. Just thinking."
"About what?"
"Nothing that's important to you."
"Don't make me get Herobrine in here."
You sigh and turn your head away. "I'm just thinking about how my parents and (best friends name) are gonna react when they find me gone."
Jeff sighs and turns your head, looking you in the eyes. "I know it's hard to think about that, but trust me i wouldn't have taken you away from the people you love if i didn't have a reason."
"And what is that reason, Jeff? Please do explain to me!"
He bites his lip and glances down, then looks back up in your (eye color) eyes. "Because.. The reason is... I, uh..." He sighs "I think i'm in love with you." He looks away, then stands and walks out of the room, going downstairs.
You sit there, looking ahead in shock. "He... what!?" You think. That weird, creepy, psychotic... cute... attractive... killer... likes me..." Your (eye color) eyes slowly close as you realize what your thinking. "And i think i like him back." You stand suddenly and walk downstairs, looking around the living room you see The Rake crouched by the couch, watching the TV. He notices you and growls faintly. You sigh and look him in the eyes. "Ok i don't get why your being so rude to me, you scared me earlier thats why i screamed, i thought you were gonna kill me."
He stops growling and stares back. "Well i can't help myself, your a human and i'm supposed to scare humans."
You smile slightly. "Well you did a damn good job!" he smiles, showing sharp teeth.
You glance around, then look back. "Um, do you know where Jeff is?"
He nods and points a long sharp finger towards a door at the other end of the room. "In the kitchen."
"Alright, thanks." You walk to the door and step in. BEN, Eyeless Jack, Masky and Hoody sit at a table, Jeff standing in front of them with his back to you. You start walking over and hear Jeff saying. "I just told her the truth, that i have feelings for her. Then i walked out, i don't know what she thinks." BEN notices you as you come up behind Jeff.
"Well i think your about to get your answer." He nods to you and Jeff turns, you grab his hoodie collar and pull him to you before he can speak, then you press your lips against his. He stands, shocked for a moment, then slowly rests his hands on your hips, kissing back. He pushes you back and pins you against the wall, kissing back harder. His hands slide down to the back of your legs and he lifts you, you wrap them around his waist. His hands slide to your shirt, earning a cheer from BEN and Eyeless Jack, while Masky and Hoody chuckle.
"Ok you two, get a room." BEN laughs.
Jeff pulls back and puts his nose to yours.
You look into his eyes and smile. "I think i love you to." You whisper, and his grin widens.

You spend the rest of the night sitting on the couch playing on the Xbox 360 and watching Tv. The sun begins setting and most of the inhabitants of the house leave for there 'jobs'. Jeff stays back with you, wanting to spend some quality time together. You both sit on the couch, talking for awhile, when you get up to go to the bathroom. You go and come back, going to sit back down on the couch, but you stumble and fall onto Jeff, you catch yourself above him, but not before giving him a clear line of sight down your shirt, he stares at your chest and you blush bright red, he looks up at your face, and brings a hand up, weaving it through your hair and pulling your face down to his, kissing you. He sits up and smirks, you let him stand and he grabs your hands, pulling you up. "Come on." He walks up the steps and you follow, watching him curiously. He walks into his room and pulls you in, closing and locking the door. He turns to you and grabs your wrists, pulling you close.
"You trust me, right?" He asks.
"Y-yes, why?" You stare up at him with wide (eye color) eyes, suddenly you realize whats going on and your cheeks turn a dark shade of red. "W-wait, Jeff I-" He puts his fingers on your mouth, and looks into your eyes.
"Just trust me on this, ok (Your name)? I promise i won't try to hurt you, but i want to try this."
You sigh and look down. "Okay, but please be gentle."
He smiles wider, "I promise."
Perfect cliffhanger :P I have to go to bed so i had to stop there, lolz
Lemons in the next chapter (if you couldn't figure that out already)
I'll probably write it while im babysitting (the kids sleep the entire time sooooooo)

Part One: Posted
Part Two: Posted
Part Three: Posted
Part Four: Your here!!
Part Five: Posted
Part Six: In progress

Jeff belongs to creepypasta,
you belong to jeff ;)
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