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November 3, 2013
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        “What!?” Jeff yelped, jumping from his seat.

        “She’s not in her crib, she’s not with Sally and Scarlett, I can’t find her!”

        Jeff’s eyes darkened, a scowl stretching his carved grin downward. “It was Jane I’ll bet.” He snarled. “I had a feeling she would try something like this, I hoped she wouldn’t but…” He trailed off shaking his head. “Slendy, what do we do? That bitch got my baby girl…” He moved over to the distraught (Your name), who was trying to hold back her tears, and wrapped an arm around her, pulling her against his chest.

        “Simple.” Kitten spoke from her perch on the back of the couch. She jumped down, her eyes turning to the couple. “We track her down.”

        “And how do you suppose we do that?” BEN asked, glancing over.

        “Again, simple. Jeff, call Smile.” She paused and closed her eyes while Jeff reluctantly let go of (Your name) and walked to the front door to call for his red and black dog. A few minutes later both the grinning Husky and Kitten’s blue eyes Doberman sat in the baby’s room, patiently waiting for orders.

        “All right you two,” Kitten kneeled before the two canines. “Get a good sniff around, pick up every scent you can.”
       Both dogs stood and began sniffing furiously at the ground, pacing the room. Suddenly, Smile’s head shot up.

        Here, it’s Jane’s scent mixed with some other females…” Kitten nodded and spoke, repeating the dogs words. “Smile got Jane’s scent along with another girls.” The neko crouched, taking a deep sniff at the spot Smile sat beside.

        She lifted her head, eyes narrowing. “Of course.” She growled, standing to face the others. “Alice.” 

        Jeff glared at the spot. "Why would Jane be with Alice?" He asked.

        "Revenge." (Your name) spoke up from the doorway. Everyone turned to her, confusion flashing in their eyes.

        "Revenge?" Jeff repeated quizzically. "Why would Jane want revenge?"

        "Both of them do." The (Hair color) haired girl continued. "Jane doesn't like you at all, and Alice is after me for getting away when Kitten saved me from Zalgo. Since neither of them could get to us, they wen't for the next best, and easiest, thing they could take. Cynthia."

        "Makes sense." Masky muttered. "They both want revenge on the two of you, but with us protecting they couldn't get to you, so they waited.."

        Hoody picked up where Masky trailed off. "...And when they noticed we weren't suspecting anymore they went for the most vulnerable. The easiest to get."

        (Your name) sighed, wiping the tears from her cheeks. "What do we do?" She mutters. "They'll probably..." She chokes on the last two words and leans her head against Jeff's chest as everyone looks over at the two. She didn't have to say it out loud for them to know what she was gonna say.

 'Kill her..'

Edit-- Guys, im very sorry to announce but i probably will not be continuing this story. I've lost all interest in it, and forgotten the plot that i originally had for it. Please don't be upset, i will try to at least get it to the end (Though it'll probably be short and crappy) but im not promising anything. For more information read my Summer Cleaning and Updates journal.

Part 14 for all you lovlies.

Why would Jane and Alice do such a cruel thing? Will they really kill your baby? Or will you find them in time. All that and more in the next part.

All the creepypasta's belong to the one's who made them.
You belong to Jeff
Cynthia belongs to you and Jeff ((Because he did help make her c: ))
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Ask-Vixy-the-Fox1987 Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  New member Student Digital Artist
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Well fucking Shit. I hope Jane and Alice FUCKING DIE. I Love this story and would like to see more of it. =3
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Well Damn.... SHIT JUST GOT REAL!!! I'mma bouta slap a ho!!! Them bitches gonna DIE tonight!!! *laughs crazily* Jeff: that's my little demon.... *pats my head*
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Ughhh I need chapter 15 D:
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