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August 1, 2013
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    You walk down the street, your surprisingly calm, though you feel the eyes of people living around here watching you. You know they all think your stupid, i mean theres a killer on the loose in your town, and he could kill you, but your not scared. You know who this killer is, well at least you know his name, what he does, and why. He's Jeff, Jeff the Killer. You've always loved his story, and found him sorta cute, in a... weird, creepy way, but that love for him only went so far. If he ended up trying to kill you one day, you wouldn't hesitate to defend yourself.

    As you walk you feel a strange sense of being watched. At first you think it's just another person in a house, but this is a different feeling, it has an eeriness about it, you start getting goose bumps and shiver, wrapping your arms around you. You walk around the corner to the street that your home is on, as soon as you get around the corner you start walking faster, glancing to your left, then your right. You're just about to reach your house, when you glance back. Nothing. You turn back to walk to your gate, and see him. He's standing right in front of your gate, the hood of his hoodie pulled up to cover most of his face, but you could see that smile. Your eyes widen and you start to turn away and run, when you hear the click of a gun. You turn your head to the left slightly and see your neighbor, Mr.(neighbors last name), holding a gun, its pointed at the killer.
"Don't you touch her!" He says, training the gun on Jeff. The younger boy notices and growls, turning he runs into the woods behind your home.
You turn to your neighbor. "Thank you.." is all you can say.
He nods "Just be careful (Your name) and get home faster, now go on get inside. Remember, if you need anything just call me." He smiles at you and watches till you get to your front door. You walk in and lock it, your parent(s) are gone on vacation for the next two weeks. "(Your age) years with you, we/I deserve a break!" Your mother/father had said laughing. You liked being alone though, it was quiet and you could sit around in a spaghetti strap and you underwear without getting yelled at. You throw you bag upstairs in your room and pull off your outfit, pulling on the (fave color) spaghetti strap and grabbing a pair of (another fave color) daisy dukes, you lay the shorts on the couch arm and walk to the kitchen, making yourself a quick bite to eat of (fave snack) and (fave drink) then went the the couch and plopped down, turning on the TV and changing it too (fave tv show)

   " Damit! i was so close to getting her, then that stupid neighbor had to come out with a gun!" I growl and slowly carve my knife through the bark of the tree, i would make sure he pays for ruining my fun with (Your name). She was gonna run, i saw that, but she wouldn't have gone far, i would have caught her and drug her back, i would have had fun dragging her by her (Hair length) (Hair color) hair, watching those (Eye color) eyes squint shut as tears poured from them. She was a soft girl. At least she acts like one. Oh well, its getting close to dark, time to go pay her neighbor a visit.

    You lay on your couch, you fell asleep watching the movie, and woke up later than you thought, it's just getting dark, so you drag yourself sleepily up the stairs and go to your room, you close your door and check your window, making sure it's locked you flop down on your bed and curl up, closing your eyes you fall back asleep.

You wake to a cry, and sit up quickly, glancing at your clock you see it only reads 9:16 You slowly get up and go to your window, looking out at your neighbors you gasp and step back, blood splatters his window. You instantly know what happened, and shivered. You look at the other windows, then see the killer. He's standing in the hallway, staring up at you, he reaches over and picks up a phone. At first you wonder what he's doing, then you hear your home phone ring. The light of the phone in your room flashes as it gets the call, and you slowly reach over and pick it up, holding it to your ear you can hear his breathing.
"H-h-hello?" You ask, fear thick in your voice.
"Your..Next..." He laughs then hangs up. You stare down at him from your window, the lights in the other house flick off, then back on. When you can see in the window again, he's not there.

You quickly throw open the drawer of your night stand, pulling out the pocket knife your father gave you a long time ago, you run to your parents bathroom and slip into the cabinet below the sink, you close your mouth and breath through your nose. Then you hear it, the sound of glass shattering downstairs, and faint footfalls as someone walks up the stairs. You hold your breath as you hear him go to your room first.

    I went to her room first, of course she wouldn't be standing there, so i check her close and below her bed. Nope, she's not there, i go to her bathroom and check the shower and cabinet, still no sign of her. Next, the parents bathroom.

    You hear him open the bathroom door, your heart skips a beat and you stop breathing all together. You hear the shower curtain shift, then hear him walk towards the cabinet. You grip the knife tighter as his fingers close around the cabinet handle, he pulls it open and looks in at you, smiling.
"Boo." He smirks
You lash out, sinking the blade of your pocket knife into his shoulder and he stumbles back, you pull the knife, but all you get is the handle, the blade stays in his shoulder. You jump out of the cabinet and bolt, flying down the stairs and to the front door, you fling it open and run to the sidewalk, you begin to scream. "HEL-"

    His hand slaps around your mouth, the other around your waist, he begins to drag you back towards your home. You kick, trying to break free and even bite down on his finger, he growls and drops the hand around your waist, pulling out his knife he presses the tip of the blade to your back. "Go." He growls, and you comply, slowly walking forward he gets you into the house and closes the door. He locks it and brings you to your room, where he closes that door and takes the knife from you back.
"Alright (Your name). We're gonna have some fun." He smirks at you, and you shiver, backing away. If you can just get to your night stand, theres a lot of things sitting on it that you can use to defend yourself. You keep backing away from him, and he walks after you. Finally you feel the night stand and reach back, your fingers close around your clock, and you wait for him to get closer. He steps up, almost against you now, and you swing, bringing the clock to the side of his head. He winces and falls slightly, you take your chance and bolt for the kitchen, if you can't get out and scream for help, might as well defend yourself. You grab a knife from the rack and grab the phone, quickly dialing 9-1-1. You can hear his stumble up in your room, and as the operator picks up you quickly begin speaking. "Hello, nine one one what is your emergency?"
"The killer, Jeff the killer he's in my house and he's after me, please i can't fight him off forever, send someone to (Address here) quickly! Please!" You can hear him walking down the steps, his foot falls are loud, heavy and slow. "Alright miss, what is your name?"
"My name is (Full name here) Im (Age). He's coming down the stairs, please hurry!"
"Someone is already on there way sweetie, just hold on, find a safe place to hide and don't hang up, ok."
"O-ok." You quickly hook the phone to the top of your shirt, then look around and try to think of where you can hide. "The laundry shoot, its upstairs but i would be safe. Or the fireplace, i used to hide there when we played hide and seek. You hear him walking closer and crouch, slipping around the counter you crawl to the fireplace and slip in, its tight but you manage to push yourself up into the flue. You press your feet and arms against the sides and hold your breath. You whisper to the phone "I'm in the fireplace, please hurry." Suddenly you feel heat below you, and hear laughing, you glance down and see Jeff has turned the fireplace on, flames lick up towards you and you scream, trying to pull yourself higher as the smoke floats up towards you. "He turned the fireplace on, please someone help me!" You cry, the operator tells you to get as high as you can and try to not breath too much, you nod and pull your shirt up over your nose. Suddenly you hear yelling at your front door, and start screaming for help. You hear a crash as the door breaks, and someone tells you to hold on that they'll get you out, and the fireplace is turned off, water poured on it. Slowly you slide down until you can crawl out of the fireplace, the cop hands you your shorts that you left on the couch and you put them on, he picks you up and carries you to his car, telling you he's gonna take you to the hospital. You just nod slowly and sit down in the passenger seat of the car. He drives you to the hospital, asking you small questions like 'Where are your parents?' and 'What did the killer look like?' You tell him everything, and finally you get to the hospital, he walks you out to the emergency and someone is waiting for you, they take you to the back to see how much smoke you inhaled. After they check you, your given the ok to go home, the cop takes you back and tells you it would be best if you went and stayed with a friend, you grab the home phone and call up (Best friends name), asking her if you can stay with her for a few days.
"Hey, um (best friends name) i know its late but do you think i could stay with you for a few days.. My front door is sorta broken and it's not safe at my home."
"You door is broken? Not safe at your home, girl what do you mean?"
"Jeff the Killer tried to kill me about an hour ago, i need somewhere to stay!"
"OHMYGAWD!!!" i could hear her scramble out of her bed and run to her moms room, telling her to get up that we had to go get you. "Ok, my mom and me are on our way to pick you up, hang tight and what ever you do don't die." She hangs up and you pack up a bunch of cloths and other essentials, you go back downstairs and sit on the couch, gripping a knife tightly in your hand. (Best friend name) pulls up with her mom, and you pull your suitcase out and put it in the trunk, you go to get in the back, when something makes you look back at your door.
Standing in the doorway is none other then Jeff, he's staring at you with that smile, holding his knife. He begins to walk towards you, but you can't move. You best friend turns asking you whats wrong, and sees him, she cries out and jumps out of the passenger seat, she pushed you into the car, and jumps in beside you, Jeff lunges at you as she slams the door shut, and he mother speeds off. You look out the back of the window, watching him as he stares after the car.

    You bring your bag into your besties room and she lays back down on the bed, you drag the pull out from below her bed and lay down, pulling a blanket over yourself you pull a knife from your bag and lay it below your pillow, you curl and and slowly fall asleep.

   I looked in the girls window, i could see (Your name) asleep as well as her friend, it would be to easy. I had decided to take (Your name) back to the woods, it would be easier there to torture her, though that had never really been my thing, i wanted to try something new on her, she was different. I slowly pulled the window up and climbed in, i grabbed the rag soaked in chloroform from the ziplock bag in my pocket and slipped over to (Your name). I was just about to put the rag over her face, when she turned her head to face me, her eyes grew wide and i pushed the rag down on her mouth and nose, she pulled her hand from beneath her pillow, the glint of light hitting a blade warned me of the knife she held, and i grabbed her wrist with my other hand, holding her down i saw her (Eye color) eyes cloud over and flutter closed, she dropped the knife on the bed and finally went limp,

    You turn your head, hearing something, and come face to face with the killer, he pushes a cloth down on your mouth and nose, and you pull the knife out, trying to slash at him. He grabs your wrist and you feel your mind begin to swim, your eyes begin to close and your grip on the knife loosens until it falls onto the bed, then everything goes black.
Because i love cliffhangers, i decided to give you one ^^

Idk i'll probably do chapter two tonight, maybe.
I don't know if you even want more.
But i'll do it anyways >.<

I'm just gonna put where that chapter is out of not. (deviantarts being a bitch to me so it's hard to make links work :P Just find them in my gallery, i'll make a special folder for Jeff X Reader kapish?

Part One: *Your hereee*
Part Two: Posted
Part Three: Posted
Part Four: Posted
Part Five: Posted
Part Six: In progress

Jeff belongs to Creepypasta.
You belong to Jeff.
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