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August 23, 2013
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     I watched in horror as Jeff leaped at (your name). Without thinking, i teleported in front of her, Jeff's knife coming down towards my chest. I closed my eyes, waiting for the blade to pierce me.
 It never did.
 I opened my eyes and saw Jeff standing before me, the tip of his knife just centimeters from my chest.
 "You'd really put your life up for this girl?" He asked, looking at me.
 I simply nodded. It was enough. I turned back to (your name) and pulled my hat off my head, pushing it against her. She understood and scrambled back into the corner of her bed, holding the hat over her chest. I turned and grabbed Jeff's shoulder, turning him i pushed him out the window and stepped out after him.
 "BEN..." (Your name)'s voice was soft and i looked back at her.
 "Are you leaving?"
 "No, i need to talk to Jeff, but i'll come back in."
 And with that i stepped out and closed the window. Turning my eyes flashed darkly at my friend. "You stupid fucker!" I growled lowly. "You could have killer her!"
 "I wouldn't have done it, i just wanted to see if you would try and save her.." Jeff muttered
 "Ya, and you almost stabbed me!"
 "I wouldn't have, i'm good with a knife, i wouldn't have let it hit you!"
 "And what if you had?" I hissed. "What if you fucked up Jeff? WHat if you stabbed me, then what would you have done?"
 "Exactly." I glared at him.
 Jeff didn't say anything for a moment. I knew he wouldn't say sorry, that wasn't his style, but i knew he was.
 "Just don't touch my girl ever again." I growled.
 He nodded and turned, walking away. I sighed and leaned back against the wall, closing my eyes for a moment. Why did i have these feelings for this girl? I didn't want to drive her crazy, at least not in the way i had wanted with Matt and all my other victims. I didn't want her to scream in fear, no i wanted her to scream for a different reason. A much better reason. I opened my eyes, smiling. Yes, one day i would make her scream.

     You clutched the hat to your chest, covering your almost transparent top as BEN pushed the other killer out the window.
 "BEN..." You said quietly.
 "Are you leaving?" Fear grabbed at your heart. You didn't want him to go.
 "No, i need to talk to Jeff, but i'll come back in." Then he stepped out and closed the window. You quickly turned your back to the window and changed your top, then looked down at the hat. Slowly you stuck your hand in it and fished around, it was full of stuff! You wrapped your hand around something small and pulled it out. You giggled faintly, eyeing the object with a faint blush. It was a small, square package that read 'Trojan'. You were still holding the condom when BEN opened the window and jumped in. He noticed what you were holding and chuckled. Immediately you dropped it, your cheeks turning bright red.
 "I-i-i-i-" You were cut off as BEn walked over and took his hat and condom back. "I'm saving it for later." He said with a wink. You watched as he put it back in his hat, and put the hat on his head.
 "BEN." You look down at your hands.
 "Who do... you plan on using that on?"
 He chuckled and crawled onto the bed, pinning you down. "Someone very special."
 You stared up at him, asking another question. "And when do you plan on using it?"
 He leaned down closer to you, his lips centimeters from yours. "Now." He breathed.
 "R-really?" Your eyes widened.
 He chuckled again and shrugged. "Or whenever your ready. Really it doesn't matter to me." Slowly he brought his lips to yours, kissing you softly. Your lips moved with his until he pulled away, smiling down at you. You smiled slightly and whispered. "I'm glad you did that..."
**Edit 3** Because im so nice... Part6

**Edit2** since people seem to be having trouble finding the stories, here;… Party hard.

**EDIT**  Part four has a mature content on it, if you can't find it try looking in my gallery in the XReader full story folder and the BEN Drowned subfolder. -.-

:3 Hehe, now i must get sleep. Goodnight lovely's~
BEN(c) Jadusable
You(c) BEN And me

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