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    When you wake up, you see your in your bed. You move your hand to push yourself up, and find your wrists tied behind your back. Looking down you see your ankles are also bound. "Who tied me up?" You wonder out loud. Then you remember the boy.
Was he the one who had tied you up? Where was he now? You looked around the room, but don't see him.
 "Looking for someone?" A male voice asks. You look around again, but still don't see anyone.
"Yes, the boy who tried to strangle me. And the fucker who tied me up!"
The voice chuckled "Well, i'm the boy who tried to strangle you, and the fucker who tied you up."
"And who exactly are you" You hissed
The boy stepped out of the tv. He just walked out of the screen like it was an open doorway. You took note of the green clothing. His green hat, brown boots and black eyes. After a moment of staring you realized he had red pupils and red and black streaks coming down from his eyes. "I, am BEN."
Fear washed over you as you realized he was the guy who killed Matt and Tyler. "A-are you gonna kill me?" You asked quietly."
"I'm planning on it."
"Well great. I just have to get him to untie me, then i can beat him with my (most used/favorite) controller."
"Well if your gonna kill me, can i at least be untied?"
"Eh, i don't see why not." He walked over and untied the ropes, letting you go. As soon as you could move you jumped for the (system) controller on your nightstand, just as your fingers brushed the hard cover, cold fingers wrapped around your ankles and yanked you back. "Haha! You think you can beat me with a (system) controller? Dream on!" He flipped you over onto your back and pinned your wrists above your hand. His red pupils glowed brightly and you shivered. He straddled you and chuckled leaning in close to your face. "I should really kill you right now, but i think i'm gonna have some fun with you first."
"Hmm, your version of fun sounds more interesting than mine, i may do that next." He chuckles and pulls out a jagged dull knife. The blade is coated in rust and grime. "But i think i'll do my version first.."
Your eyes widen and you push yourself deeper into the bed. "FUCK NO! I'D RATHER LOOSE MY VIRGINITY TO YOU!!"
He leans closer, his nose touching yours. "To late babe."
You push your head forward, biting down hard on his lip and tasting blood. He snarls and tries to pull away, but you only bite down harder. "Don't let go!" You think, wondering i'd he's about to stab you anyways.
Nope. He does something very different. You feel his cold hands grip your breasts tightly, and gasp, he pulls his head away and glares down at you, blood smeared across his bottom lip You glance down and see his arms going into your shirt, his cold skin gives you goosebumps. I didn't even feel him put his hands in my shirt!" You think, horrified.
"Can you get your slimy hands out of my shirt?" You snap.
"Nah, i like this." He chuckles and begins to grope your chest, making you hiss, partially in pleasure and part in anger. Then you realize nothings holding your hands down, you tighten your fingers into a fist and swing it into BEN's nose. His head snaps back, and his eyes widen, then narrow into a dark glare. "You little bitch!" He fingers leave your boobs and go to his now bleeding nose. His weight lightens up and you take the chance, you grab his wrists and throw him off the bed, onto the floor. You scramble for your controller on the nightstand. Your fingers close around it this time and you turn quickly, holding it high.
Immediately, you regret everything you just did. BEN sits on the floor, legs crossed in front of him. His hand covers his nose, but blood stills seems out through his fingers and his lip is still bleeding. You drop the controller on your bed and walk over to him, sitting down you pull your knees up against your chest and frown. "I-I'm sorry, i didn't mean to hurt you, i'm just scared. And a gamer. You don't scare a gamer. Things like that-" You point at his face "happen." You stand up. "Let me go get some bandages and stuff and clean you up." You walk down the hall and into the bathroom, grabbing the things you'll need, and walk back.
You sit down in front of him and put his hands in his lap, covering his nose with a couple tissues you tell him to look down. You turn and lay on your back, your head in his lap. You grab a wet cloth and lightly wipe the blood from his lip, then turn around and sit up. He looks at you, waiting.
"Ok, take the tissue off your nose."
He nods slightly and takes it off, you give him a new one a he dabs at his nose, it had stopped bleeding already. "Ok, i think your good." You stand up and hold out a (skin color) hand. He takes it gently, then suddenly pulls you down on top of him.
"Ah!" You yelp as you land on him, your forehead is against his and he smiles. "I forgive you." He mutters, before softly kissing your lips. Your cheeks blaze red, and your mind screams at you to get up, but you kiss him back. His lips press against yours harder, the kissing becoming more forceful, and his tongue slides across your lip, seeking entrance into your mouth. You deny it and lift your head, he sighs, his eyes clouded with some sort of emotion that you can't read.
"It's late, (your name), you should get some sleep. I'll come see you tomorrow night, ok?"
"Alright. But BEN?"
"Why did you kill Matt and Tyler?"
"I... i'll tell you tomorrow, ok?"
"Alright.." You stand up and help him up, then go to your bed and lay down. He pulls the covers up to your shoulders and runs the back of his hand over your cheek. "Good night." He says, before walking into the TV.
"Good night..." You sit up and reach behind your back, going to unstrap your bra for bed, only to find it's not there. "What?" You mumble, then hear BEN's laugh in your mind and growl faintly.
"Nah, i think i'll keep it."
"YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE THAT!" You yell. Suddenly he walks out of the TV. He has nothing in his hand, but his eyes are cloudy still. "You did not just say that.." He says, staring at you.
"Maybe i did, maybe i didn't." You shrug your shoulders and lay back down, turning your back to him. "Bye, BEN."
You lay there thinking about his eyes. "What were they clouded with?" you thought as you drifted into sleep.

"Lust..." something in your mind whispers back. "They were clouded with lust...

    Your eyes open, but your not in your room. Your in a... car? You look around and find yourself tied up in the back seat of a car. You look to the front and recognize it as Matt's car. "Matt's car?" You think "But Matt's gone.."
Suddenly you feel the vehicle move forward. You sit up and look out the front window. Sure enough, the car is moving forward. Straight into the lake. Your eyes widen and you go to the door, trying to open the door. Locked. You see the keys taped to the far left corner of the dashboard and move to go for it, only to be stopped by a rope tied around your ankles, keeping you close to the leg of the far right back seat. "Fuck!" You think, looking around. There's no way to cut the rope, and no way out. You were gonna die here. You began to yank your leg, trying to loosen the rope around the seat, but it only tightens. You turn your head as the car begins to sink into the water, and see BEN floating outside the door. He smirks in at you as the window went under the water and sank deeper and deeper. The pressure grew until the windows began to crack. Water filled the automobile quickly, and in mere seconds you could barely breath. You gasped in the last of the air as the car filled with water and held your breath. Closing your eyes you thought a prayer, and slowly felt yourself being dragged into the blackness of death, until you could feel no more.

You woke up in your bed, covered in sweat. "Wait a minute..." You thought as you stood and looked down at your bed. There was a large oval of shading to your (favorite color) sheets..  You turned to the mirror and screamed. It wasn't sweat you were covered in. It was water. You stared at your reflection, and the fear in you grew. Not only were you drenched with water, but you had a rope tied around you ankle...
Part 4

Gonna do this one first, then Jeff X Reader part 8, then TrendermanXReader part 2.
The trenderman one should have been posted yesterday but last night my laptop decided to freeze up (which is why i never did BenXReader 3 yesterday) so i just closed the lid and left my laptop on all night, hoping it would unfreeze. It didn't. And i was almost done last night ;_; Sorry for the wait guys
Anyway, ya heres part three!
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BEN: 1...

Kitten: ...

BEN: GO!!!!!

Kitten: *Runs away screaming*
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