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August 6, 2013
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   I floated over the water, watching as the car sank into the lake. Matt was locked in the car, no way of escaping. I had made sure to tie him up good. I came down and looked in his window, smiling wide at him. He stared back at me in horror, as the car was immersed in the liquid. I chuckled lowly and watched it sink deeper and deeper.
"It's a pity, Matt. I liked you, well i liked toying with you, but you had to go and have that stupid roommate of yours post the video and that story. You shouldn't have done that, but you did. You wanted to burn my game, and destroy your computer? Well it looks like you can't do shit now."
I turned away, walking on the air, pulling my hat down i fished around in it and pulled out the game cartridge. Majora's Mask was written on the grey surface, in a black sharpie.
"Time to find a new toy to play with..." i chuckled again and tightened my grip around the game, disappearing.

         You walk down the sidewalk, humming to (insert favorite song here). You jumped slightly as your cell phone rang, and pulled it out. Rolling your eyes you answered the phone.
"Hey, Tyler!"
  "Hey, (Your name), please tell me Matt is with you!"
"No, he's not, i thought he was at yalls place?"
  "Well i went to our place and he wasn't there, i called his phone but he didn't answer, i'm getting worried about him..."
"He'll be fine, he probably went somewhere and didn't see you had called."
  "No i think this had something to do with the game, i know it did, he was planning on moving back in with his family and burning the game, but on his way to dispose of it, he goes missing. That curse, that thing called BEN must be real, it has to be!"
"Tyler, what the HELL are you talking about!?"
  He sighs and growls into the phone. "Just get your butt up to our... uh, my place, i'll explain when you get here."
"Alright, i'll see you in a bit." You hang up and rush home, getting in your car and driving towards his home.

    Heh, that girl, she must have been friends with Matt. She's going to his old house. Tyler wants to tell her whats happened since he bought my game from that garage sale. But he won't get to. I'll leave that game for her, i know the ladies, curiosity gets the best of them. She'll play, and then i'll make my move..
I stepped out of the mirror in the bathroom and plugged up the shower, turning the water on. I let it fill up to the top then turned it off, stepping back in the mirror as my prey walked into the room. He went over to the shower and looked down in confusion. He reached down to unplug the drain. Thats when i made my move. I jumped on him, pushing him into the water and holding him down. He was stronger than i expected, and almost threw me off, but i was a killer,and i was ready. I pushed his head under, holding him as he thrashed around, i brought him up and turned him around , pushing him back under. I wanted him to see me. As he grew limp i pulled him up and smirked. "Hello there, Tyler."
"W-who are you?" he gasps
  "I am Ben, you know, the guy Matt told you about, from the game."
"W-what... What did you do to Matt?" Tyler stuttered.
  "He drowned." I smirked and pushed him under, holding him until he stopped moving. I stood and set the game down beside the sink. Finally, i grabbed a kitchen knife from the drawer in the kitchen and walked back, digging the knife into his throat and letting it stay. I walked to the mirror and chuckled, hearing a knock on the front door. "Come in!" I yelled, then stepped through.

    You knocked on the door and heard Tyler yell "Come in!" Only his voice sounded... different. You shrugged it off and walked in, looking around. "Hey Tyler," You called out.
No reply. Something twisted in your gut and you went to his bedroom. "Tyler?" You looked around but couldn't find him. You went to the kitchen next, and still didn't see him.
"Tyler!" You yelled, and went to the last room in his house. The bathroom. The door was unlocked and you knocked, wondering if he was going to the restroom. He didn't answer, so you threw the door open, and screamed.
"Tyler!?" Your (eye color) eyes widened as you ran to the tub and stared down at his lifeless form. The water around his neck was red from the blood pouring from the stab wound, water had splattered the walls and floor, proving he had put up a fight, but he obliviously hadn't won. You shivered and turned, going to call the police, when you noticed a game cartridge on the sink. Picking it up you read the name out loud.
"Majora's Mask." Your had heard of the game before, and had always wanted to play it. You remember Matt saying he had got it at a garage sale, and he had promised he would let you play after he had beat it. You stuffed the game in your pocket and went to call the police.

 When they arrived they asked you what had happened, and you explained; "I was going home from school when Tyler called me, he asked me if i knew where our friend Matt was, who has gone missing as well. I told him i didn't know, i had thought he was at the house, here, playing video games. But he wasn't. Tyler started blabbing about a video game Matt had played that was causing him some paranoia and discomfort, he didn't say the name of the game only that it was being haunted by someone named 'Ben'. Tyler said he was on his way to burn the game when he went missing. Tyler told me he would explain what he meant about the 'curse' and told me to come over. When i knocked someone yelled for me to 'Come in!' i noticed the voice wasn't Tyler's, but didn't think anything about it. When i came in i couldn't find him, i checked all the rooms, the last one being the bathroom. Thats where i found him, laying in the water with the knife in his throat." You finished and the cops nodded. "Thank you Miss (your last name). We'll be sure to put all that in the report, you may leave." You thanked them and left, driving home. You quickly pulled out your Nintendo 64 and put the Majora's Mask game in. It started like a normal game, and seemed perfectly fine, you reached the start screen and noticed it had one save file, called 'Ben'
You looked at the safe file and noted that 'ben' was fairly far in the game, he had most of the masks and 3/4 remains of the bosses. He had saved at an owl statue for the last time, and was on Day 3, by the Stone Tower Temple. There was hardly an hour left before the moon would crash. You shrugged and pondered on finishing the 'Ben' file, or starting a new game, finally you decided on a new game, promising once you beat it to go and finish the other file.
The game itself ran smoothly, only having a few flaws, something you didn't mind. One thing that struck you as off, though, was that NPC characters would often call you 'Ben', though you were sure you hadn't clicked on that save file, you guessed that the files were mixed, it was true the game was old, it was probably just glitching. You continued on with the game, playing the story as it was supposed to go, but at the end, the elegy statue started... following you. It would teleport to you every 30-40 steps. It scared you, it wasn't supposed to do this, you could feel the beginnings of fear creep into your stomach, but you continued.
You played the game through, but ended up getting the same flaming death as Matt had, only you didn't know he had met the same fate.
On your fifth time to play, you had just past the Snowhead Temple when suddenly the game screen turned white, you stared for a moment, waiting. Slowly the white faded, revealing you to be in the Great Temple Bay. You were no longer Link, but a Zora. Looking down at the beach i saw Epona, and went over. i couldn't ride her, but i did notice she was facing a certain angle and kept neighing. My first thought was to swim in that direction, but my gaming instinct, and my brain told me otherwise. I turned and ran in the other direction, the way Epona's backside was facing. I kept running until i reached the water, then began to swim. I swam, and swam, and swam, until i reached an island. As i walked onto the beach i saw the ring of green that alerted me to the Elegy statue that was teleporting behind me. Spamming the buttons i ran deeper into the island, until i cam to a tower, i climbed it, the statue following me up. Upon finally reaching the top, i found an item. Before i could click my inventory, a note appeared on the screen, reading; If you are reading this, good job, you have found a way to get rid of Ben. He is the statue, but heres the thing, he is also real, and if you don't get rid of him he'll come for you, and drive you insane. Take this, and BURN him. DESTROY him. DO IT!
The note closed and the statue teleported in front of you. You checked your inventory and found the item was a lighter.
"A lighter?" You thought to yourself. Then you remembered the note. BURN him. You weren't sure if this was the gameplay, or a glitch, but you did it. You clicked the lighter and the camera angle changed, zooming in on the statue as Link threw the lighter. The statue caught fire and began to burn, screaming. Here's the thing, the scream wasn't normal. It wasn't just in the game, it was in your room, it echoed off the walls and you covered your ears, wincing. Suddenly, it stopped. The screen went black, then slowly faded into static. Your eyes widened and you screamed as a voice sounded in your ears. "You shouldn't have done that...." You crawled to your bed and slid under it, crawling to the corner against the wall you squeezed your eyes shut. "What the hell is happening?!" Your asked mentally.
Out of no where, the static stopped. You slowly opened your eyes, and saw nothing different, slowly you crawled out from under your bed and looked around. Then you felt fingers close around the back of your neck, you were pulled up till you were standing, and turned around. The hands stayed at your throat, holding it tightly. You couldn't breath. Slowly you vision began to fade as you gasped for air. You stared into the black eyes of your attacker, his red pupils were slits with anger, and he growled one sentence at you before everything went black.
"You shouldn't have done that...!"
Because i had this awesome idea while taking a shower. The idea isn't actually in this chapter, but it will be in another one!

So now that i'm doing this... Updating plans will change, not only am i doing BEN and Jeff x Reader, i'm planning on doing Herobrine X reader and the story for my own Creepypasta OC Kitten. Things may be crazy for awhile :P But i will try to keep updating when i can.

Part One: Your Here!
Part 2

Thanks guyss~Courtney
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